Wichita Aero Club
May 10, 2017

Thanks For Joining Us! A Quick Look Ahead.

We want to say a special thanks to everyone who was able to join us recently as we celebrated the newly inaugurated daily flight service between Wichita and Seattle with the Chamber and Alaska Airlines.

We know space for the event was limited, but that makes it even more special if you were able to get a seat. We’ll be posting pictures soon if we haven’t already, so look out for those! 

We’re already nearly halfway through the year, can you believe that? We’ve been thinking a lot about the second half of 2017 and we’re working hard to secure a luncheon speaker lineup you’ll be super excited about. We put a lot of thought and effort into making these luncheons worth your time and money; we want them to be an opportunity to learn something, network with other aviation professionals, and gain important insight into the industry Wichita holds nearest and dearest to its heart. 

WAC Golf Classic 2016

All smiles!

But the next big event we’re preparing for isn’t a luncheon. Far from it. It’s not indoors, it doesn’t revolve around food (unless you count the margarita stands on the 7th and 17th holes…or the post tourney 19th hole reception in the Hospitality Chalet adjacent to the 18th Green) and there’s no featured speaker. But it will involve getting together with friends, family and co-workers to play a well-loved sport for a well-loved cause. It’s the Eighth Annual Wichita Aero Club Golf Classic! We invite you to check out all the details of the June 11th tournament at Crestview Country Club in the brochure here

Yes, you read that right. Our tournament is at Crestview! It’s a fantastic opportunity to play on the same course the pros will play on the very next weekend at the Air Capital Classic. 

WAC Golf Classic 2016


It’s one of only two major fundraisers we have each year, so we get really amped up for it. Here’s why. First, we always love to give out our scholarship awards, which we get to do this time of year. Second, this tournament generates funds for our next scholarships! Our scholarships are our pride and joy because we get to propel the next generation of aviation leaders forward by helping support them through their education. It’s an honor, and something we really, really, really love to do. Not to mention, the recipients really, really, really deserve it. 

So if you appreciate what WAC has done for you in the past, or the connections it might make for you in the future, please join us on June 11th to continue supporting our Aero Club. Grab your dad, son, neighbor, wife, daughter, co-worker, form a team and sign up to have a fantastic day in the sun. Plus, if you get a hole-in-one, you win a Cadillac. Seriously. 

Learn more about the tournament over here!