David Franson
February 27, 2012

Administration Antipathy

D. Franson

When it comes to business aviation, the Obama Administration is trying. But lest you think I’m giving them credit for putting forth a reasonable effort when it comes to this extremely important segment of the aerospace industry, let me be crystal clear: they’re trying… my patience! I keep waiting for the President, his advisors, and Congressional surrogates to demonstrate that they’re overcoming what has appeared to be a steep learning curve regarding the role and contribution of private aircraft, but their comments and initiatives indicate just the opposite. Now they’re advancing the often-rejected prospect of user fees in the latest Budget proposal. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not ignorance–it’s antipathy! It’s actually an orchestrated attack, driven by polling data that says taking shots at “fat cats in their corporate airplanes” will play well with an potential voters who are ignorant or apathetic about all of the contributions to our economy, way of life and local communities–not to mention all of the jobs–people who fly in business aircraft provide. It frustrates me enough that I’ve drafted an open letter to the President. I’d actually spend the half dollar it now costs to post a letter if I thought he’d actually read it and consider a response, but since I doubt that’s really the case, I’m offering it here on the off-chance someone in the administration or Congress will take notice: Keep reading >

David Franson
February 7, 2012


Sandor “Alex” Kvassay has crossed the Atlantic Ocean so many times he can’t keep track. He’s circled the globe numerous times, as well. A Hungarian native and naturalized American citizen, he has stamps in his passports from places even veteran travelers have never heard of. At many of those destinations he also managed to sell airplanes. During a career that spanned five decades and included stints working for Bill Lear and Olive Ann Beech, he met an impressive number of world leaders, business moguls, and celebrities. Through it all, he was a consistent chronicler of his experiences, writing down his recollections and taking thousands of pictures. To this day, his accounts of his encounters generate wide interest. His column, ALEX REMEMBERS in the monthly issues of PROFESSIONAL PILOT magazine recently resulted in his being chosen as the publication’s fourth most widely read author…out of a dozen contributors! PRO PILOT Publisher Murray Smith, who plans to attend the luncheon along with his wife, Eleni, will distribute advance copies of the MARCH issue of the magazine, as well. Keep reading >