Russ Meyer Honored with Wichita Aero Club Trophy

February 18, 2014 7:44am


The Wichita Aero Club honored Cessna Chairman Emeritus Russ Meyer with the Wichita Aero Club Trophy at the club’s annual gala on Jan. 25.

Meyer’s extraordinary 40-year career and accomplishments reflect the commitment he has made not only to Cessna Aircraft Company and the aviation industry, but also to Wichita, the state of Kansas and to the numerous causes and organizations he has served and continues to serve.

Ed Bolen, president of the National Business Aviation Association, presented the award to Meyer and spoke of the impact he has made on business aviation legislation, his peers and his community. U.S. Senator Jerry Moran also spoke about Meyer’s leadership in the passage of the General Aviation Revitalization Act (GARA) in 1994, his long-term advocacy for the industry as a three-time chairman of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association and on Meyer’s service on aviation commissions under Presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Meyer, a 14,000+-hour pilot, is a member of the National Aviation Hall of Fame and has received numerous national awards, including the Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy and the Collier Trophy (twice, once jointly with Cessna).

In his acceptance speech, Meyer noted that he sees a positive outlook for the light aircraft segment and believes demand will continue for efficient and versatile air transportation. He noted that significant advances have been made in technology, local and state governments are supportive of the industry in Wichita and the workforce here is committed to providing the excellent service needed for long-term growth in the GA industry.

“I promise you this,” Meyer concluded, “if I were 25 years old today, I’d pursue a career in this industry in a heartbeat.”