Air Capital

Birthplace of Beechcraft, Cessna, Stearman and Learjet. What would you call it? Back in 1928, Wichita turned out a quarter of all U.S. aircraft. The city boasted 16 airplane manufacturers, six engine factories, 11 airports, a dozen flying schools and numerous suppliers. The Chamber of Commerce was intent on claiming the title Air Capital of the World. So a logo contest was held. The winner found its way onto everything from car grilles to flour sacks. And Wichita permanently embraced its identity.

Nobody Else Can Claim It.

Been a while since you used the phrase to describe our great city? Then it’s about time we got back on board and reclaimed our heritage and our market leadership. Did you know there are only five major aviation clusters in the world? Dallas, Montreal, Seattle, Toulouse. And the most diverse and most dependent on business aviation: Wichita. But these days flour sacks aren’t really among the top places we suggest for staking our claim to aviation’s top spot.

Let’s Use It. Not Lose It.

We still have the pioneer spirit that lifted the first airplane from a dusty Kansas field a century ago. Let’s show the world. Download the new logo and use it wherever you can. In your business. In your advertising. In your personal email and social media. Let’s follow the starry-eyed dreamers that made us the Air Capital and lead a new generation into the next 100 years of flight. Reclaim our name. And live it.


Download the new Air Capital of the World logo.
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